Govinda Chevallier Edition - World Champion Heritage Malt IPA - 6.8%

Don't miss this rare chance to make Govinda Chevallier Edition available at your bar.
Govinda Chevallier Edition is the reigning "RMI Heirloom Malt World Champion Beer" and 2-star Great Taste award winner.
This is a strong, malt-forward, heritage IPA. Govinda exhibits deep malt aromas with heaps of peaches. At first, the stone fruit/peach jam flavours dominate, giving way to complex hop-flavours and a defined, lasting bitterness that goes on and on. 


Great Taste® Judge Notes:

“The stone fruit aromas come through well in the nose (described as ‘magnificent’). There is real fruitiness on the palate, as well as sweet, malty depth. A rich, more’ish and well balanced beer with a long finish”

Total Alcohol Duty per Cask Related to this Product: £51.89 (per Firkin) Allergen: Contains BARLEY
BBD: at least 6 Weeks from Your Delivery date

Points of Interest

Govinda Chevallier Edition is the reigning RMI Heirloom Malt World Champion Beer and a 2-star Great Taste award winner.
Chevallier Barley is a special variety of Victorian barley. In 2012, the John Innes Society collaborated with Crisp Malt to resurrect this long-lost, once popular variety, from a seed bank. After successful cropping and re-sowing of each generation, the now "certified heritage" barley is grown exclusively in a single, Norfolk field.
Govinda Chevallier Edition was created using the very first test-batch of Chevallier Malt that Crisp Malts made available to brew with.
After months researching recipes and methods, he based the recipe on an original Burton-Upon-Trent recipe from the 1800's. Keeping, as close as possible to the traditional ingredients and methods, Shane created Govinda Chevallier Edition... the rest is history! 
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