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Citra - Single Hop Pale Ale 5.8%

Citra - Single Hop Pale Ale 5.8%

Citra DDH (Double Dry Hopped) pale ale is your new go to summer thirst quencher.

Citra DDH is an assault on the senses with full citrus aroma and juicy flavours from the intense double dry hop schedule. We used our cask version grain bill and amped it to 11 with Citra hops to create a flavour-filled  "joose bomb".

We use a backbone of Crisp extra-pale winter barley malts and maintain a low bitterness by late-hopping, then and double dry-hop with Citra hops. The result is a naturally hazy, super "joosey", citrus fruit pale ale.

Citra is perfect for enjoying on warm evenings, sunny afternoons or whenever the mood strikes. 

Serving: 440ml Can
Allergens: Barley (Gluten)
Hops: Citra
ABV: 5.8%

Food Pairing

Grilled Steak, Citrus Salad, Thai Curry, Roasted Vegetables.


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